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A once again abused journal.

Yet again, I have abused this journal. This was also posted on my myspace, but last monday was quite wonderful!

First of all, I have to mention: Yesterday I finally watched the highly anticipated second episode of Mr. Brain! The show so far is so so so awesome! I'll totally watch it more! I hope someone subs it. ANYWAY! I had seen many previews of the episode that starred Gackt. HO MAN. Let's just say, He plays the best psycho killer ever. He's got the laugh down pat. haha. It's sad he's the most beautiful cannibal.

ALSO ALSO-- My Gackt Mizerable costume is nearing completion. I got the buttons i ordered for it a while ago and they were too small. I also need more trim :/

ANYWAY! Monday:

I happened to just wake up around 7:30 am today. Not sure why, but I got out bed no problem! It was off to the gym! Strange right? For me? Definitely. I didn't stay long. Just enough to run 2 miles on the treadmill and a free weight exercise. I felt great, got home and got ready for work.

I opened with my boss Kuh this morning. He just got back from Vegas the night before, so that meant presennntss!! I brought back a few little things, and I picked Domo-kun! (who he happened to figure I'd pick anyway)

We had some nice conversation earlier and then Jess came in. It was really slow, so we had more time to eat some tastey cookies she brought and try some Golden Kiwi Kuh brought in. They're delicious!

Looks like we happened to get new toys for the vending machines! They're so cuuuute! YAY! More Presents for Jess and Brittany! Kuh let us pick one from each of the new sets!

It's a little Daffy Duck that was a Pisces!

And then this cute little guy! He's so cute! There's a whole bunch of them! Lollicup patrons should get one!

We ate some more yummy food throughout the day.
Ching and Norm stopped in too. that Means BABY ELLA! She was so cute as always. Kuh's kid's came in to and entertained us.

That was my great day!

I also got a hold of the newest Gackt single, since I can't wait for mine x_X it probably won't be until the end of july until I get all of them! (I pre-ordered them, but the Dears addition ones, so I get the fabulous case with them!)

It's funny to think Koakuma Heaven is about a prostitute xDD

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