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I'm dead tired...

and hungry.

I'm so lame.

Went snowboarding today with my sisters.  Driving is intense.  My grandfather let me take his super nice 'wheels'. haha. That car beats me car well...intot he snow...because it can't freakin' work in it...

I want to sleep...but have things eating at me.  ick.  Going to work and training Alexis is going to be a blast!  I'm so happy!  Seeing Alicia will get my mind of things too.

Some people just don't make any sense.  Whatever.

I watched some latina stand up women.  omg. Marilyn Martinez is the best "Fat Bitch" I ever did see. haha.  It was so funny.  I loved it.  made me feel better for a bit.  I really need to get to sleep.  I'm beat.

!!  "A Team" On Tuesday! YESSSS  I'm stoked.  I gotta pick three to five pieces of my art. hmm..the choices xD

anyway...just another pointless entry.

P.S.  I gotta get workin on my Dears scrapbook page.  I have no idea what to put....I don't want to be fan girly at all...kind of hard to do so...dammit.  Back to the drawing board. 
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