September 22nd, 2008

Where do I even begin? (Major update)

So I've been a royal douche at updating.

me and LJ pretty much aren't friend when it comes to updating. I only use it to check Gackt_Army and LJ Dears anymore.

So... in short...

Been working at Lollicup denver for about 4 or 5 months now

Did the AX thing again. Not as great as last year at all.. nothing can top that for me. but I still had a great time. Won Best Group Performance for the Japanese Pop Shock again. though competition was scarce.

Went to Japan for three weeks. Didn't get to see Gackt in Joetsu. Didn't get to see Miyavi. BUT I did have a killer time and bought some awesome clothes. It definatly is something I can't put into enough words. Maybe someday I'll get around to 'blogging' it. But...i still haven't even put up a blog about Miyavi in San Fran. haha. we'll see.

NDK was pretty much a bust. Despite the issues we had figuring out our panel, it was a huge success. I had so much fun. I want our future ones to be like that. I loved our costumes so much. the white was totally fantastic!

We took best Jrock again this year....but...there was no competition

And I went to Juno Reactor last night. It pretty much freakin' rocked. I had heard of them before, but not in depth. It was such a neat experience. Nothing like I expected. and freakin' Sugizo was a babe. Made some mutual eye contact, some smiles, some pointing. it was awesome. He had been there when we arrived at like...5...but I had just modesty greeted him then. He obviously wasn't feeling well, so I didn't want to bother him. But in short, the concert was so awesome! I'm glad I decided to go.

OH! I am in to my fourth week of college. So far so good. but it's terribly exhausting. I love how different everyone is. Art school rocks. haha.

And my dear Myv (Heather) I was just thinking about it's been about a year since we first met. You're heaven sent..and the best wall that ever listened. <3 that's all.

Anyway...I think that's it really. I'll just leave with this sweetness.

Miyavi kills me so much.
it just makes my love for the OTP even stronger. haha.
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