April 20th, 2008

It's been a while...

Wow....it's been a little bit since I've posted anything.

I've been so busy, its making my head spin.

I had the musical, work (that now is gone), and just school is winding down faster than I think! Not to mention I've been super busy with the emcee's for the talent show. We rock....don't even care. I am a little stressed about being jobless though. I have alot of things I gotta pay for this summer. I'll be gone so much!

I just feel like I have been slowly breaking down. It probably is all I have to do. I have to work super hard to get my Math and English grades up. I don't like where they are now.... I also haven't really seen anybody outside of school for a while. I'm glad kao and Waru met me for boba before they left. I hope they're safe and having an awesome trip!

Though....there are some good things.
- I got my prom dress! I'm excited about it. I think it's cute. haha. I just need to get a petticoat for it.
- I just beat Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core...got it about a week and a half ago. it's a short game....but OMG its good! I'm playing it again. haha.
- I bought my plane ticket the other day for the Myv show too. ^-^
- I got some scholarships, and just need just a smidge more money for college. I'm going to try to make it work.
- My aunt is finalzing things for our trip to Japan. I am kinda irritated she decided to invite her fiance's kids. We've got a huge group of people now. Oh well. I like them. They're nice. They just better be okay with shopping xD -crosses fingers- I'm REALLY hoping Gackt is going to still be on his tour then. I want to get tickets so bad!

I feel so tired and worn out. I have errands to run tomorrow....so...yeah.
I just had to post this....because it made me laugh...like...alot. Don't care....he's still attractive.
(Oh it's good to see him doing comericals again xD )

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