January 7th, 2008



Work was interesting today.  Got a decent tip, I'd say.

I'm a little more than half way done with my Gackt emoticons.  It's taking forever. haha.  why am I such a perfectionist?

I Feel quite proud of myself.  Chris helped.

I made a run to Joannes, to get a few things, and he talked me into finally buying green PVC.  It was 80% off....how could I resist?!  I got two yards for 2.50.  Alright hide, here I come! yes!

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    Sleep Now in the Fire - Rage Against the Machine

Thingy I stoled from my Aya <3 xD

Yay. I am such a stealer haha.

1. Gazette - Regret in my pants
((Hee hee. did a bad thing...))

2. Hyde - Secret Letters in my pants
((It's my stash yo....))

3. Tori Amos - Bachelorette in my pants
((They like to hide here on occasion))

4. Vidoll - Neverland in my pants
((It's better than MJ ^.~))

5. Gackt - Mirror in my pants
((I gotta know what's going on down there from time to time))

6. Dir en grey - Zomboid in my pants

7. Gackt - Future in my pants
((It's where destiny lies xD ))

8. KuRt - Nicky Mouse in my pants
((Japanese mickey? he lives here.))

9. Gackt - Last Song in my pants
(( oh my...xD))

10. David Bowie and Queen - Under Pressure in my pants
((I know...I know xD ))

11. Flyleaf - There for you in my pants
((Just come here when you need guidence.))

12. Utada Hikaru - Another Chance in my pants
((Because you couldn't get there before...))

13. Gackt - Cube in my pants
((Mmm..icy? xD ))

14. Dir en grey - The Pledge in my pants
((allegence to my undies...)

15. SID - Smile in my pants
((Need I say anything? xD))

16. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium in my pants
((the show starts in here))

17. Ayumi Hamasaki - Seasons in my pants
((It's like Colorado!))

18. SES - Dreams Come True in my pants
(( tee hee. and so much more))

19. Versaillies - The Love From a Dead Orchestra in my pants
((Better than Trans Siberian Orchestra, bitches))

20. hide - Flame in my pants
((mm...new definition to Hot Pants))
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    hide - Flame? xD