my poor lj

I really need to stop abusing my live journal. I just know nobody really reads it is all.

no news to share in life really.
School on Monday
New home in October

and still just as much work to go around.
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Again again i always leave my journal to collect dust. I really just use it to check my GA. But since i was here, i needed to at least put something.

Joined a new comm.
Work was busy
I really want a new purse
I want new shoes
And I'd like a new dress.
With the holidays, I think it an be possible.

I got a nice new DS for Xmas. I ordered some Deco stuff for it. I'm super excited. I think I might be getting a DSi soon once they go down. I just like being able to play my old GB advanced games on it still since my GA Advanced is a piece. I just keep THAT to play my old pokemon games haha. But I got a new camera too! I'm waiting to deco that to see how the process of the DS goes! Yes! time to go play more!
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A once again abused journal.

Yet again, I have abused this journal. This was also posted on my myspace, but last monday was quite wonderful!

First of all, I have to mention: Yesterday I finally watched the highly anticipated second episode of Mr. Brain! The show so far is so so so awesome! I'll totally watch it more! I hope someone subs it. ANYWAY! I had seen many previews of the episode that starred Gackt. HO MAN. Let's just say, He plays the best psycho killer ever. He's got the laugh down pat. haha. It's sad he's the most beautiful cannibal.

ALSO ALSO-- My Gackt Mizerable costume is nearing completion. I got the buttons i ordered for it a while ago and they were too small. I also need more trim :/

ANYWAY! Monday:

I happened to just wake up around 7:30 am today. Not sure why, but I got out bed no problem! It was off to the gym! Strange right? For me? Definitely. I didn't stay long. Just enough to run 2 miles on the treadmill and a free weight exercise. I felt great, got home and got ready for work.

I opened with my boss Kuh this morning. He just got back from Vegas the night before, so that meant presennntss!! I brought back a few little things, and I picked Domo-kun! (who he happened to figure I'd pick anyway)

We had some nice conversation earlier and then Jess came in. It was really slow, so we had more time to eat some tastey cookies she brought and try some Golden Kiwi Kuh brought in. They're delicious!

Looks like we happened to get new toys for the vending machines! They're so cuuuute! YAY! More Presents for Jess and Brittany! Kuh let us pick one from each of the new sets!

It's a little Daffy Duck that was a Pisces!

And then this cute little guy! He's so cute! There's a whole bunch of them! Lollicup patrons should get one!

We ate some more yummy food throughout the day.
Ching and Norm stopped in too. that Means BABY ELLA! She was so cute as always. Kuh's kid's came in to and entertained us.

That was my great day!

I also got a hold of the newest Gackt single, since I can't wait for mine x_X it probably won't be until the end of july until I get all of them! (I pre-ordered them, but the Dears addition ones, so I get the fabulous case with them!)

It's funny to think Koakuma Heaven is about a prostitute xDD

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Where do I even begin? (Major update)

So I've been a royal douche at updating.

me and LJ pretty much aren't friend when it comes to updating. I only use it to check Gackt_Army and LJ Dears anymore.

So... in short...

Been working at Lollicup denver for about 4 or 5 months now

Did the AX thing again. Not as great as last year at all.. nothing can top that for me. but I still had a great time. Won Best Group Performance for the Japanese Pop Shock again. though competition was scarce.

Went to Japan for three weeks. Didn't get to see Gackt in Joetsu. Didn't get to see Miyavi. BUT I did have a killer time and bought some awesome clothes. It definatly is something I can't put into enough words. Maybe someday I'll get around to 'blogging' it. But...i still haven't even put up a blog about Miyavi in San Fran. haha. we'll see.

NDK was pretty much a bust. Despite the issues we had figuring out our panel, it was a huge success. I had so much fun. I want our future ones to be like that. I loved our costumes so much. the white was totally fantastic!

We took best Jrock again this year....but...there was no competition

And I went to Juno Reactor last night. It pretty much freakin' rocked. I had heard of them before, but not in depth. It was such a neat experience. Nothing like I expected. and freakin' Sugizo was a babe. Made some mutual eye contact, some smiles, some pointing. it was awesome. He had been there when we arrived at like...5...but I had just modesty greeted him then. He obviously wasn't feeling well, so I didn't want to bother him. But in short, the concert was so awesome! I'm glad I decided to go.

OH! I am in to my fourth week of college. So far so good. but it's terribly exhausting. I love how different everyone is. Art school rocks. haha.

And my dear Myv (Heather) I was just thinking about it's been about a year since we first met. You're heaven sent..and the best wall that ever listened. <3 that's all.

Anyway...I think that's it really. I'll just leave with this sweetness.

Miyavi kills me so much.
it just makes my love for the OTP even stronger. haha.
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It's been a while...'s been a little bit since I've posted anything.

I've been so busy, its making my head spin.

I had the musical, work (that now is gone), and just school is winding down faster than I think! Not to mention I've been super busy with the emcee's for the talent show. We rock....don't even care. I am a little stressed about being jobless though. I have alot of things I gotta pay for this summer. I'll be gone so much!

I just feel like I have been slowly breaking down. It probably is all I have to do. I have to work super hard to get my Math and English grades up. I don't like where they are now.... I also haven't really seen anybody outside of school for a while. I'm glad kao and Waru met me for boba before they left. I hope they're safe and having an awesome trip!

Though....there are some good things.
- I got my prom dress! I'm excited about it. I think it's cute. haha. I just need to get a petticoat for it.
- I just beat Final Fantasy VII : Crisis it about a week and a half ago. it's a short game....but OMG its good! I'm playing it again. haha.
- I bought my plane ticket the other day for the Myv show too. ^-^
- I got some scholarships, and just need just a smidge more money for college. I'm going to try to make it work.
- My aunt is finalzing things for our trip to Japan. I am kinda irritated she decided to invite her fiance's kids. We've got a huge group of people now. Oh well. I like them. They're nice. They just better be okay with shopping xD -crosses fingers- I'm REALLY hoping Gackt is going to still be on his tour then. I want to get tickets so bad!

I feel so tired and worn out. I have errands to run
I just had to post this....because it made me Don't care....he's still attractive.
(Oh it's good to see him doing comericals again xD )

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I'm dead tired...

and hungry.

I'm so lame.

Went snowboarding today with my sisters.  Driving is intense.  My grandfather let me take his super nice 'wheels'. haha. That car beats me car well...intot he snow...because it can't freakin' work in it...

I want to sleep...but have things eating at me.  ick.  Going to work and training Alexis is going to be a blast!  I'm so happy!  Seeing Alicia will get my mind of things too.

Some people just don't make any sense.  Whatever.

I watched some latina stand up women.  omg. Marilyn Martinez is the best "Fat Bitch" I ever did see. haha.  It was so funny.  I loved it.  made me feel better for a bit.  I really need to get to sleep.  I'm beat.

!!  "A Team" On Tuesday! YESSSS  I'm stoked.  I gotta pick three to five pieces of my art. hmm..the choices xD

anyway...just another pointless entry.

P.S.  I gotta get workin on my Dears scrapbook page.  I have no idea what to put....I don't want to be fan girly at all...kind of hard to do so...dammit.  Back to the drawing board. 
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I finally finished all of my Gackt emoticons.  Do you know how long these suckers take to make?  Damn.

Ready for a nice four day weekend!  yes!!

Saw IV is comming out soon...I'm totally buying it. my hair cut a while ago.  It's strange having such short hair.  oh well.

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Been driving alot today.  Oh well.

Got some new music books.  Went to singing lessons.  Whoo.  Stayed for almost a half an hour talking to Mr. V.  Haha.  Almos gossiping sometimes.  Haha.  I'm such a bad kid.  Oh well.  Anyway....

I came home, and Irken had posted this quiz on myspace.  I couldn't help but take it.  haha.  Somehow, I find it all at once, Ironic and coicidental.  If you know me, you understand.  haha.

Romantic Seme
Romantic Seme
Take seme or uke? today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Personality Test Generator.</p>
You are the romantic Seme! You like candle light sinners or just hanging around with your love. You can make people laugh and make them feel wanted. You act like a gentleman an thats exactly what you are! Your perfect pard is the sweet Uke!
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Thingy I stoled from my Aya <3 xD

Yay. I am such a stealer haha.

1. Gazette - Regret in my pants
((Hee hee. did a bad thing...))

2. Hyde - Secret Letters in my pants
((It's my stash yo....))

3. Tori Amos - Bachelorette in my pants
((They like to hide here on occasion))

4. Vidoll - Neverland in my pants
((It's better than MJ ^.~))

5. Gackt - Mirror in my pants
((I gotta know what's going on down there from time to time))

6. Dir en grey - Zomboid in my pants

7. Gackt - Future in my pants
((It's where destiny lies xD ))

8. KuRt - Nicky Mouse in my pants
((Japanese mickey? he lives here.))

9. Gackt - Last Song in my pants
(( oh my...xD))

10. David Bowie and Queen - Under Pressure in my pants
((I know...I know xD ))

11. Flyleaf - There for you in my pants
((Just come here when you need guidence.))

12. Utada Hikaru - Another Chance in my pants
((Because you couldn't get there before...))

13. Gackt - Cube in my pants
((Mmm..icy? xD ))

14. Dir en grey - The Pledge in my pants
((allegence to my undies...)

15. SID - Smile in my pants
((Need I say anything? xD))

16. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium in my pants
((the show starts in here))

17. Ayumi Hamasaki - Seasons in my pants
((It's like Colorado!))

18. SES - Dreams Come True in my pants
(( tee hee. and so much more))

19. Versaillies - The Love From a Dead Orchestra in my pants
((Better than Trans Siberian Orchestra, bitches))

20. hide - Flame in my pants
(( definition to Hot Pants))
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